About Me

Just Enjoying Everyday on This Beautiful Place We Call Earth!

Hi!  My name is Sarah Rosalyn, I’m 28 years young and currently living in “good ole” South Carolina! Originally from Upstate New York (Go Yanks), but have had the opportunity  to live in 5 different states and 8ish different cities! I believe traveling (or moving) is one of the best ways to gain knowledge!

Honestly, I decided to start a Lifestyle blog for something to do, and because I feel like there needs to be more positivity & happiness in this world!  Cliche as it sounds, “I have a passion for fashion” as well as beauty, pop culture, music, health, fitness and living a happy life.

I hope you guys stick around, & feel free to check out my Social Media Pages…

“…jokes no stress, Love, Live Life, Proceed, Progress!…”

xoxo– Sarah Rosalyn